School of Music




Our five week music lessons are targeted to new musicians who are looking for focused one-on-one lessons to take them to the next level. We offer Drum, Guitar, Bass, Vocal, and Piano development lessons taught by our qualified New Life musicians and worship leaders. The goal is simply to see our new musicians getting started, playing confidently, and developing a clear sense of who they are as a musician and worshipper.

What make our music development lessons unique is our study guide: The Essentials. It's a five week workbook written by New Life Arts with new musicians in mind. Inside The Essentials you'll find five lessons and five exercises to not only sharpen the student's playing, but to sharpen the musician's heart. In addition to this are poems, paintings, small articles from our community and a coffee recipe from Good Manner Coffee. 

The Essentials book is best used in a one on one scenario, but it works well in a group setting or even a personal study guide.


Lets get started!




Register below by selecting the Sign Up button under your instrument.


 The cost is $100, which includes five one-on-one lessons, and the Essentials workbook. All payments are made online upon registering.


We suggest students be at least twelve year old to register.


You will then be connected with an available teacher by phone or email to work out next steps. Each teacher is ready to meet you where you're at skill-wise and take you further.


Lessons are held either at New Life Midway or New Life Logan Square *Please note that Skype lessons are an option if needed.


The Teachers:

Tiffany Daniels: Teaching Vocals at New Life Midway on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Juan Contreras: Teaching Piano and Drums at New Life Midway on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings.

Eric Soto: Teaching Bass and Guitar at New Life Logan Square on Tuesdays and Thursdays ANY TIME

Gabriel Lopez: Teaching Drums, Guitar, and Piano at New Life Logan Square on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays ANY TIME