Deeperstill Worship Gatherings

Deeperstill Worship Gatherings happen every last Monday of the month. They're our monthly nights to fellowship and worship as a community. No featured musicians, no featured speakers, no featured artists, just a large community gathering with nothing on the agenda other than to dig deeper in the presence of God. These look different every month as we meet in different parts of the city, and have different people there. We'd love to worship with you any month. Check out "events" for more information, location, and times..

Good Manner Coffee

Good Manner voluntarily serves their freshly home roasted coffee at every Deeperstill Worship Gathering for free! The husband and wife duo have been coffee roasters since 2014 and we proudly support what they do.

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                           Susie's Sweets

Susana has freely given baked goods to Deeperstill's over the past year but has now offered to bake every month!

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