Quick overview

We will provide a variety of development environments throughout this nine month residency to ensure balanced, long-lasting growth.


All City gathering

Once a month all residents from the across the city will gather for essential training, DNA impartation, community building, and story telling. These meetings are where synergy, vision, and mission are impressed and kept fresh by taking a step back to view our city-wide vision through everyones eyes. We take time to remember why we do what we do, how we got here, and what it’s going to take to continue the mission. There are nine power packed teachings regarding skills that we feel are essential to leadership in worship at New Life Community Church.

Leadership mentoring

Leadership mentoring is the key element to this residency. This is the ongoing relationship between the Resident and Location Pastor that builds and strengthens throughout the course of this residency by monthly check-ins and time of healthy accountability. This will result in a bond that shares the same love for the people, same vision for the church, and same missional devotion to their community.




Throughout the residency a handful of practices will be assigned, along with a few opportunities to serve in New Life Arts. We want to make sure projects are planned, cared for, managed and executed well.